Monday, August 23, 2010

Juggling at the Circus Space

I recently attended a networking lunch organised by Business Junction at the Circus Space in Shoreditch the only world class facilities for circus training and production in the UK. We started by all having juggling lessons and not just on one's own! then went on to lunch. I shot these enterprising networkers practicing during that lunch period with my Leica M8.

I made some good contacts and now need to juggle my diary to fit everyone in!

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Friday, August 20, 2010

Haunch of Venison Gallery

On my way back from the wonderful Leica Shop in Bruton Place, where I left a lens to be serviced, I popped into my favourite London gallery, the Haunch of Venison in Burlington House off Bond Street.
As usual it had an eclectic selection of thought provoking, stunningly crafted work, which one is free to photograph, which is a rarity in the world of museums and galleries.
As usual I snapped away with my M8, this time with the 35mm F2 Summicron and got some great images. Afterwards, I popped into the Royal Academy of which I am a friend and saw the Summer Exhibition, which had a small number of works that made an impression on me, out of a huge display, none of which can one photograph.
However going upstairs to the Sackler Wing to see the Sargent and The Sea Exhibition I could not help but notice the interesting sight of peoples feet on the glass stairs forming avatar like representations which I felt I could photograph.
You can see more of the images in a slideshow.

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Thursday, August 19, 2010

British Weather Photographer of the Year 2010

    I have just learnt about this super competition for amateur photographers to find the British Weather Photographer of the Year

    Lloyds rain logo

    and as there has been a lot of it about, even in August - drizzle, rain, storms, wind and even some sunshine, there should be no shortage of opportunities for some great shots!


    Autumn in the Borders


    The glorious 12th!

    To enter the competition, participants must submit their photos capturing British weather to the Lloyds TSB website. The overall winner will be picked on the basis of flair, technique and originality. The entries will be judged by a leading panel of meteorologists and photographers.

    Spring is here!

    (All images are from a continuing commission to photograph "a year in the life of" a Scottish Estate on the Borders)

    The competition will run from April 13th – September 30th 2010.  Take a look at entries submitted so far:

    You must be a UK resident in order to take part in this campaign.

    A chance for amateurs to shine. As proud sponsors of Channel 4 Weather, Lloyds TSB created this competition to find the best amateur photographer of the British elements.

    Judged by top professionals and experts in the field of photography and weather, 12 finalists will be chosen for the flair, technique and originality they use in capturing British weather.

    £100 weekly prize too

    All visitors to this site can vote for their favourite photographs, and each week the one with the most votes wins £100.

    See your shot exhibited

    The photos taken by the 12 lucky finalists will be put in a public exhibition for a week before the overall winner of £10,000 is announced.

    Lloyds logo

    Lloyds TSB

    British weather photographer of the year


    Go for it - and good luck!


    Sponsored Post
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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

A Greek Cruise

In July I was privileged to be invited by friends to spend 10 days on their 36m rented motor yacht, joining it whilst moored at Milos and going along the Peloponnese coat to Zakynthos, seeing many pleasant sights on the way.
I have put up a slideshow of some of the things we saw, concentrating on views from the boat and one or two trips on land.
We did see some extraordinary seascapes and the social life on board and fine cuisine made for a truly memorable experience.
Everything was photographed using my Leica M8 with a variety of lenses and processed in Lightroom 3 which now has some amazing digital noise and colour noise suppression filtering which came in useful with the low light stuff.

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Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Hanging pictures for the LIP Annuale at the Viewfinder Gallery

The Third Greenwich Annuale 2010
The Greenwich Satellite Group of London Independent Photography (LIP) returns again to Viewfinder Photography Gallery from 12th August to showcase its exuberant collection of photographic talent and enthusiasm.

The Viewfinder Photography Gallery has now moved to 46 Greenwich Church Street, SE10 9BL. Greenwich hospital supports the Viewfinder with this temporary gallery space until mid-September, 2010: “Greenwich Hospital is always keen to support new talent in a variety of creative fields and we are pleased to support the Viewfinder in exhibiting emerging photographers. We wish the exhibitions every success.”

As a LIP member I turned up with a bunch of other LIP volunteers to help its director Louise Forrester  hang the pictures in advance of the Private View on the evening of 12th of August.
My picture is taken from a series of a current commission which chronicles "a year in the life" of a Scottish estate on the borders. It shows a shoot in progress at a critical moment - for the bird!
As usual I took my Leica M8 and took a number of shots as the work commenced, then just got on with the job.

Runs August 12 – September 12, 2010
Private View August 12th, 7-9pm

Open Thur-Fri, 12-5pm; Weekends & bank holidays, 12-4pm

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Monday, August 09, 2010

The Thinking Hotel - Prototyping weekend @ The Loft in Soho

On Saturday, between 3.30 and 10.30pm and on Sunday between 10.30am  and midday, I popped in and out of the The Thinking Hotel prototyping weekend event at the Loft in Soho which started midday Saturday and went on with barely a break until midday Sunday.

Initiated by Maria Ana Botelho Neves and assisted by Monika  Hestad and a slew of other helpful people it was an enjoyable and uplifting experience.

 Over the period, maybe 50 or so people contributes in a variety of ways, using a mind boggling range of techniques, games and systems to develop the business plan and aims of this exciting new concept to provide spaces, techniques and methodologies for thinking and creativity.

At one point several left the space to seek inspiration locally and discovered the Soho Hotel, which is a fresh example of how some hotels are developing to cater for specific needs.

I took my trusty Leica M8 and you can see how I saw the event during the periods I was there in a slideshow.

There were a truly amazing bunch of people there, with a wide range of interests and skills all giving of their time and knowledge to create something new, which is to be shared with people all over the world in a variety of ways.

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