Monday, December 20, 2010

More snow in Fulham

Winter continues with a vengeance in the UK and as a photographer, I cannot resist popping out and seeing what catches my eye of the snowscape on my doorstep in Fulham and capturing it with my Leica M8. Many of the shots taken with a recently acquired Leica F2.8 135mm lens, which is magic.

From a bicycle outlined in snow, to the snow covered street - uncleared or salted after two days, to a feral cat it all can be seen in the More Snow in Fulham slideshow.

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Friday, December 03, 2010

Snow ........ in .......Fulham

Yup, we all know snow has fallen all over the country, causing chaos, delays and disruption everywhere! But that gives one time whilst doing one's errands locally to take the trusty Leica M8 and try to capture some interesting visual notes of it all before it turns into sludge and memories.
   From X marks the spot,
to a dog bursting with energy running back to its owners.

 and a motorbike covered in snow, there are visual treats everywhere!

So I end the day with a slideshow of snow in Fulham.

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Wednesday, December 01, 2010

Change Play Business @ the ICA Co-designed by Own-It and The Thinking Hotel ®

I was privileged to be part of The Change Play Business event, the turnaround game co-designed by Own-It and the Thinking Hotel ® and which took place on the evening of the 29th and all day on the 30th of November.
 About 40 people came together to work collaboratively in innovative ways, to re-thing their business, create new ones and simply recharge their minds and spirits.
 As usual I took along my Leica M8 with a variety of lenses from the Voigtlander F4 15mm to the Leica  f2.8 21mm and my fabulous £1.0 50mm Noctilux lens and took lots of pictures.
 From the opening drinks  with a welcome address by Sylvia Baumgart from Own-It and the LCC and Maria Ana Neves of The Thinking Hotel and Monika Hestad and Olga Casademunt, followed by a movement game, then a talk by the guys from The Future laboratory.

The following morning we re-invented common objects by playing Rethink led by its inventor Lili Larratea then a number of other exercises and I attended two talks one on transmedia by Jo Roach of Somethin' Else the other by Antony Mayfield of icrossing on Market dynamics which were both eye opening.

You can see more pictures on the slideshow of Change Play Business

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