Wednesday, July 06, 2011

My "year in the life of a Scottish Estate" draws to a close

As reported on several times over the last two years, I have had the enviable task of photographing a huge variety of scenes and activities to tell the story of a "year in the life of a Scottish Estate" on the borders. Over 3,000 photographs were edited down to roughly 800 which were then laid out in a draft book of over 350 pages, which was printed via the excellent Blurb book printing service and then pored over by and then discussed with the client.
Changes were made and a small shot-list produced of scenes and people who still needed to be added to the book. I went up in mid June and took over 300 pictures with my new Leica M9 which has now replaced the excellent M8.

 The book with some of these new images added and  further editing now moves on to its final draft, then several 10's of copies will be printed for distribution to the client's family and the staff who make the estate such a wonderful place which is a home, a working farm and a sporting estate.

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