Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Chartwell Partners Breakfast Club - Eurozone Discussion 30/3/2011

In what is becoming a regular monthly habit of mine, I wended my way to the RAC Club at 7.45 this morning to attend the Chartwell Partners Breakfast Club this time with three former British Ambassadors: Sir David Madden, (Greece, 1999-2004), Sir Stewart Eldon, (Ireland, 2003-2006), and Dame Denise Holt, (Spain, 2007-2009) who discussed the future of the Eurozone. The discussion was moderated by Robin Niblett, Director of Chatham House.

It proved a fascinating discussion exposing levels of complexity, between national, european and wordwide, social, economical and political issues that left me gasping. All the speakers showed great knowledge and understanding of the matters discussed and Robin Niblett, chaired and questioned and summarised matters deftly and with great skill.
I took my Leica M9 with the wonderful Noctilux F1.0 lens and was able take pictures without disturbing the speakers or the audience.
You can see more pictures in a slideshow.
On collecting my coat from the cloakroom I snapped this scene which caught my eye, because of the light
and later a view from a bus, as some balloons in a tree whizzed by! caused a pleasant juxtaposition of colours and shapes.

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