Wednesday, March 02, 2011

A book signing with Elliott Erwitt

I have been a fan of Elliott Erwitt's happy and often funny style of street photography for as long as  can remember, so when the Atlas Gallery just of Baker Street invited me to an exhibition of some of his work and the opportunity to buy and have a book signed by him as well it was an opportunity too good to miss.

My day started with a commission in the morning at the RAC Club in St James's, so my journey with my Leica M8 started there, with my concentrating on some of the fine architecture and gardens, along with a nice juxtaposition of a model of a superyacht with the street relected behind it, some colourful street scenes, then Elliot signing books for someone else, then me and being very warm and welcoming in the process.

Then in baker Street Station on the way home, a surprising poster of Gorbachev (who seems to have adapted well from KGB communist to capitalist!, alongside a mosaic of a Sherlock Homes scene and finally my three Elliott Erwitt photo books of Museums, Beaches and Dogs, safely home, with their special signatures.
 All presented in a slideshow.

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