Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Haunch of Venison

Yet again, after having a meeting in Piccadilly I headed for the Haunch of Venison Gallery in Burlington House behind the Royal Academy because I am always sure there will be some great new art, pushing the boundaries and for a snapper like me, an added bonus, they allow photography, which is very rare in the art world.

Work by Korean artist Meekyoung Shin was on show
I continue to get to know my new Leica M9, (this time with the 21mm F.2.8 Leica lens) and am finding its controls better, with ISO rating and adjusting EV values now easier to do then on the M8. The full frame chip produces beautiful quality images and gets the full potential of my lenses.

Later on my way home I photographed a car near a cherry blossom tree, then photographed a bunch of flowers at home with the 135mm F.2,8 frog eye Leica lens I also got recently but second hand and love the quality of the images it produces.

You can see a slideshow with more images from the gallery including work by German artist Susanne Kuhn.

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