Wednesday, May 26, 2010

at abrahams 'against the grain' 25th May

On 25th of May at 6.30pm I attended at abrahams 'against the grain' - a creative forum and collaboration between Abrahams brand design consultancy and Claire Curtice Publicists.
at abrahams curated and organised 'Against the grain' and the V&A hosted the event which was illuminating and great fun.
The event was Chaired by Ben Lewis, art critic and film maker and Professor Steve Bown, of The Optimum Population Trust,  Matt Parker and Dr Sara Santos of Maths Performance, Kate Tempest, poet and Margot Henderson of the  Rochelle Canteen each entertained and educated us on aspects of their expertise in a way that time flew by.

As usual I took my trusty Leica M8 and snapped the goings on and you can see more images in the slideshow.
It was an entertaining and invigorating night with great food provided by Margot Henderson of the Rochelle Canteen.

Mike Abrahams is also one of the organisers of Designer Breakfasts.

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Monday, May 24, 2010

Summer is here! A swarm of bees in Fulham!!

We were sunbathing on our roof this weekend, when we began to hear a loud buzzing sound.

Looking up and towards our rear neighbours house, we quickly saw the source of the noise, a bee hive in the neighbours roof space and some very agitated bees!
They got noisier and noisier and we saw the neighbour phoning someone and looking at the swarm.
Little by little they slipped into the hole in the wall and quietened down.
We hope they get sorted soon.

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Thursday, May 20, 2010

Chapterplay » Blog Archive » Ted Hope: The Six Pillars of Cinema

Chapterplay » Blog Archive » Ted Hope: The Six Pillars of Cinema

A really interesting talk about the future of cinema, which is in video, mobiles and much much more.
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Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Outed a blog collaboration with Northern Creative

This is a blog collaboration between Northern Creative and Photography by Lubo where Joanne Hartley writes in response to one of my images.


Outed from the playground by the boys from year twelve. The boys aren’t even using the swing! They’re just trying to bunny hop over the seesaw on their BMXs and scratching up the side of the slide on their skate boards.

Even though two girls try to emulate them by wearing the same clothes and trainers; they hate boys.

That ‘tom boy’ phase; uneasy about the complexities of the femininity that will follow, enjoying the freedom of their last remaining weeks and months of childhood before they begin to fret at the fringes of adolescence, these carefree days behind them.

Putting off the responsibilities that come with the gender they’ve been blessed with by denying it, a phase tolerated with amusement by the parents who allow their offspring the freedom to choose and to make decisions regarding their appearance, rather than imposing their own, to breed independence as suggested by the Guardian on Sunday magazine.

The parents worry only fleetingly about their daughters’ gender defiance, they’ve a vague recollection of an article once read somewhere that deemed this normal and seem to recall a phase of something similar themselves.

They needn’t worry at all.

These two young things will bloom and blossom into paragons of womanliness and retaining their friendship bond they will go out together to another kind of playground. This one will be made up of bars and nightclubs and flirtation and glints in their eyes. Thankful for their curves and they will enjoy the power that they now hold over the boys, perhaps the same boys who were once from year twelve.
I am always amazed and pleased at what Joanne sees in my pictures and has the extraordinary ability to put into beautiful prose.
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