Monday, August 09, 2010

The Thinking Hotel - Prototyping weekend @ The Loft in Soho

On Saturday, between 3.30 and 10.30pm and on Sunday between 10.30am  and midday, I popped in and out of the The Thinking Hotel prototyping weekend event at the Loft in Soho which started midday Saturday and went on with barely a break until midday Sunday.

Initiated by Maria Ana Botelho Neves and assisted by Monika  Hestad and a slew of other helpful people it was an enjoyable and uplifting experience.

 Over the period, maybe 50 or so people contributes in a variety of ways, using a mind boggling range of techniques, games and systems to develop the business plan and aims of this exciting new concept to provide spaces, techniques and methodologies for thinking and creativity.

At one point several left the space to seek inspiration locally and discovered the Soho Hotel, which is a fresh example of how some hotels are developing to cater for specific needs.

I took my trusty Leica M8 and you can see how I saw the event during the periods I was there in a slideshow.

There were a truly amazing bunch of people there, with a wide range of interests and skills all giving of their time and knowledge to create something new, which is to be shared with people all over the world in a variety of ways.

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