Monday, June 14, 2010

Rodrigo Titian gives a Gilding Class for BAFRA at Titian Studio 12/6/2010

On Saturday I was privileged to attend and photograph, a class on Water Gilding, by master restorer, Rodrigo Titian of Titian Studio to members of BAFRA, the British Antique Furniture Restorers Association.
 The Studio restores a vast range of items and I first photographed some of the workshop areas with their multiplicity of tools and materials.
Then the class started with Rodrigo introducing himself and the studio and then a step by step display and explanation of all the processes involved in gilding.
Words like jesso, comp, rabbitskin glue, yellow clay, red clay were revealed as were the techniques and tricks to apply them. The sheer range of knowledge, skill and craft, with a need for sensitivity and aesthetic sophistication was amazing and everyone left, with copious notes and a need to practice their new skills.
You can see more pictures in the slideshow.

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