Friday, May 25, 2007

Mermaid - Writing on Northern Creative inspired by my picture "Absorption"

This is the second in a series of creative writing exercises by Northern Creative and it just gets better and better! It starts:

"Her feet sting but still she stands there, temporarily routed to the stop.

A breeze windtunnels past her but she remains motionless apart from the carrier bag hanging from her stooped frame. For a moment it gains flurried momentum but still she is unmoved.

The turquoise and jades have caught her eye. The white horse tendrils make the water seem almost real. As if at any moment it will come crashing down onto the pavement and wash her away........."

Do please visit the blog and read the rest.

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posted by stefan lubo at Friday, May 25, 2007


Blogger Anna said...

I just love that you and Northern Creative are collaborating, she and I shared a cup of tea and a bun this afternoon as I popped by her bijoux garret on my way to a fish and chip supper and discussed blogs, life and art. She makes a very fine cup of tea by the way. It was I who was responsible for her Chekov related chagrin due to post-reflexology oiled feet (as related in her "Party" post). I am enjoying your photographs, am not an active photographer myself but all the male members of my immediate family have been or are in one respect or the other and I have worked as a model so can appreciate and enjoy. I too particularly like Cecil Beaton, what do you think of Norman Parkinson?

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