Sunday, January 21, 2007

The Lightsphere II earns its keep

This week I used my Lightsphere II for a paid assignment, which was to photograph Beata Aleksandrowicz, the founder of Pure Massage in Fulham for a poster announcing the opening the opening of a branch in Fenwick's department store in Bond Street.

I got the assignment on short notice and had little time made available for the shoot as Beata was busy with the new branch, so rather than take my trusty Elinchrom flash system, I thought I would try working just with the Lightsphere. It proved a revelation. Twisting it this way and that and varying the flash settings I was able to get a great variety of light set ups some in the very confined space of a corridor off which, the massage treatment rooms lay and which required total silence on our part so as not to disturb the peace for the clients. The resulting pictures pleased the client and look in my view as if they were taken with a full set of studio lights.

Once a number of pictures were selected I then created a number of versions of a poster of which one will shortly be seen A2 size in the Fenwick window display. I look forward to using this set up again soon.

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posted by stefan lubo at Sunday, January 21, 2007


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