Wednesday, December 20, 2006

My latest gadget! - the Lightsphere II

Having seen several of these items being used at a recent trade show and being impressed by the results, I plunked down my cash at BJM Imports website and bought a Lightsphere II, a light diffuser system which provides a large, soft source without creating flare on the front of your lens. I also bought an Amberdome to use when combining flashlight with tungsten light and as a warming feature.

I show below, my very first use of the Lightsphere II taking pictures of a stall holder in a local market on a gloomy day - today! I think the quality of the light is lovely, not at all like the usual "rabbit in the lights" look you get with on camera flash. I have still to assess what happens with varying levels of fill flash, rear curtain sync etc. and may post more examples in the future. I will still use my Elinchrom flash on location most of the time because it allows me much more control, but I think on many occasions the Lightsphere will give me studio like light straight out of the camera bag!

The Lightsphere was invented and produced by an American photographer called Gary Fong who is quite a character and has made lots of money from photography, the Lightsphere, a number of software and album products, vacation property rental and lecturing - it really shows what can be done by hard work, positive thinking and talent!

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posted by stefan lubo at Wednesday, December 20, 2006


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