Monday, January 08, 2007

Christmas past! Discarded Christmas trees

A sign of the times we live in is rubbish! and there is no better period of the year to be aware of it, as just after Christmas. I spied a poignant example of this in the huge number of Christmas trees which had until very recently enlivened the homes of many people and were now dumped in the street in varying degrees of order awaiting collection.

So this Sunday in just one hour walking up and down about ten streets in Fulham, London, I snapped over 50 examples, often lying alongside bags and bags of rubbish.
Please see my slideshow to see them all. What a crazy way we all live!. I can't preach as I am guilty too!

What are your views on this matter and what should we do or not do in the future?.

As a contrast please see the slideshow of some scenes of Fulham Broadway and Parsons Green taken this summer.

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posted by stefan lubo at Monday, January 08, 2007


Blogger Northern Creative said...

I have linked to you on my site. Thanks for the link to mine on yours. ISn't it sad, all those disgarded trees. There's a recycling plant that takes christmas trees near where I live. The government should flag this around christmas time and remind christmas tree buyers of the options/responsibility for disposal.

11:19 am  

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