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A Global Brilliance day on 1st October 2010

On Friday, I was privileged to take part in a Global Brilliance Workshop in London organised by Manisha Dahad, Founder of The Centre for Social Brilliance who also was one of the speakers.   I was asked to chronicle the event and did so with my trusty Leica M8.

With a unique ability of visioning the new untapped potential in individuals and society, Manisha has always worked in innovative ways within organisations and communities bringing new social and business ideas to fruition. From engaging in large transformational programmes as a Management Consultant with IBM, to designing and delivering social leadership programmes along with Save the Children and other charities, she weaves a core thread of social consciousness in each initiative.

A visionary, speaker and film-maker who wants to connect brilliant potential around the world, also created a short documentary highlighting the spirit and sparks of magnificence in two young children living in the slum communities of Mumbai in India.,

Other speakers included: David Goodfellow, Founder of the Kindness Offensive, Neishaa Gharat, International Ambassador of Project Crayons, Mumbai, India,  Soleira Green, co-founder of the Visionary Network, Manisha Dahad, Founder of the Centre for Social & Global Brilliance and Jackie Thoms of Brilliance Xponential along with our Brilliance Coaches will help us dive into the paradigm of brilliance.

David Goodfellow, Founding Member of The Kindness Offensive

David Goodfellow is a founding member of The Kindness Offensive, a London based group who are the world’s largest performers of random acts of kindness. Since they began in 2008, TKO has given away over £2 million worth of goods, including 35 tonnes of Christmas presents in one day! With a technique they’ve termed ‘phone whispering’ TKO has collaborated with businesses and brands to kindly give everything from  25 tonnes of non-perishable foods to hundreds of thousands of pancakes plus luxury tents, medical supplements and huge amounts of chocolate.
Soleira Green, Co-Founder of the Visionary Network
Soleira Green is a global visionary and co-founder of the Visionary Network.  She's passionate about visionary creation, transformative working, global collaboration and social brilliance.  As a writer, speaker, trainer, coach, networker and event host, she works passionately for a vibrant new world where everyone is empowered to contribute their unique genius in leaderful new ways.   

Jackie Thoms, Founder of Brilliance Xponential

Jackie ‘s vision is to explode brilliance in the world by creating a global network of people that know their own brilliance and can see other people’s brilliance to create a massive impact on how people view themselves and the world. One key aim is to move people from seeing the problem in a situation to seeing the potential and having the knowing, confidence and sense of self to take action and steps to work with the brilliance they see.

Jackie has an MA in Psychology, a Masters in Marketing and is a leading brilliance and visionary coach from the Coaches Training Institute and The Visionary Network.
Neishaa Gharat, Creative Catalyst, Project Crayons & Karma Ventures  
As a creative catalyst, Neishaa brings her creative, entrepreneurial, designing and marketing experience to both businesses and charities to transform the way   organisations and societies co-create a better world.

Over the last 15 years, Neishaa has been involved in the charity Project Crayons founded by her family with the aim of bringing positive change to the local community in Mumbai ~ a transformational and humbling experience that changed her perspective of life.  Project Crayons empowers the lives of children, youth and women living in unfortunate circumstances through health, education and rights. As a catalyst for Project Crayons she aims to raise global awareness and enable collaborations to co-create sustainable models of inclusive growth.

With a degree in Visual arts, she co-founded and pioneered the concept of design & communication studios in India and worked with many global brands. She was titled 'Shining Woman Entrepreneur' by the leading knowledge based publication Readers Digest. Having moved to London, she now facilitates 'globalization' of brands and provides brand positioning, consumer insights and marketing services for companies entering the Indian market through her consultancy Karma Ventures.

You can see more of my pictures in a slideshow.

The Centre for Social Brilliance is now looking for 12 special social adventurers from around the world to join us on an exciting adventure of social brilliance for 7 days in the bustling city of Mumbai, India between 13th-19th of November this year!

This adventure is a great opportunity to work collaboratively with people from around the world on a social brilliance project with our local charity partner Project Crayons in Mumbai.

If you are interested in taking part or would like to contribute in any other way or find out more thencontact Manisha T: + 44 (0)1462 620944

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