Monday, October 18, 2010

Anish Kapoor in Kensington Gardens and more street comps!

On Friday I decided to take myself off to Kensington Gardens and see the Turning the World Upside Down exhibition of four of Anish Kapoor's sculptures in Kensington Gardens, organised by the Royal Parks and the Serpentine gallery.

As usual, I took my trusty Leica M8 with the 21mm F2.8 lens and a 90 mm F2.8 lens and tried to see aspects, that perhaps others miss, to celebrate this wonderful artists work, which you can see in the Anish Kapoor in Kensington Gardens, slideshow.
I also used this as an opportunity to try more of my current obsession, street photography composites (comps) in which I take a rapid sequence of shots, then merge them into a Muybridge type sequence in Photoshop, like a mini movie in one frame.

In a way I think I am developing a new genre of photography, which needs a new catchy name, which has as yet eluded me - street comps? one frame movie? please help me out and make some suggestions.

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posted by stefan lubo at Monday, October 18, 2010


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