Friday, April 24, 2009

Speedy service - The Wheatsheaf Pub Garden

Yesterday, at 9am I got a phone call from the manager of a local pub, the Wheatsheaf, stating that I had been recommended by Bruce, the master butcher at the Parson's Nose , as a photographer who could take some interesting images of the pub's garden that were now needed, for promoting it, now that summer or at least spring appears to have started! Speed was of the essence!

I popped in to meet Ali, to agree a brief and was able to quote him my fee on the spot. Hands were shaken, and half an hour later, I came with my photo gear and took a variety of shots with a wide angle and a fisheye lens, to capture it all. The sun was shining and there were strong shadows, so taking and processing the pictures took some care.

By 3pm I had downloaded the pictures onto my computer and using Adobe Lightroom 2 and PhotoShop CS4 created a slideshow of my selection of processed images that best matched the brief, which I uploaded onto the web and fired off an e-mail with the link to Ali.

At 8pm I had a response from Ali who had selected 8 pictures which he needed as 300dpi tiff files at A3 size which were to be handed over to ProntaPrint on the Fulham Road for inclusion in a large poster to be put on a stand outside the pub shortly. This morning at 10 I delivered the DVD with 800mb of high definition images and left with the cheque.

Eyefully good for all concerned!

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posted by stefan lubo at Friday, April 24, 2009


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