Tuesday, February 10, 2009

RSA - RSA Thursday - The Element

RSA - RSA Thursday - The Element click on the link to hear the lecture in mp3 format

Finding your passion does change everything - it's why I became a professional photographer.

This talk is truly wonderful - profound thoughts, expressed entertainingly - what he says about three year olds competing for kindergarten places will have you laughing out loud.

RSA Thursday - The Element

5th Feb 2009; 13:00

Sir Ken Robinson, one of the world’s most inspirational speakers on creativity, education and enterprise, visits the RSA to share new thinking on 'The Element' - the point at which natural talent meets personal passion.

In a new book, Sir Ken argues that we are all born with tremendous natural capacities, but that we lose touch with them as we spend more time in the world. Whether it’s a child bored in class, an employee being misused or just someone who feels frustrated but can’t quite explain why, too many people don’t know what they are really capable of achieving. And education, business and society as a whole are losing out.

At a time of deepening recession, we simply cannot afford to squander the skills and talents that will be vital to our future economic prosperity. Sir Ken will show how we can nurture our creative potential more fully and consider: What is required for organisations to survive in a difficult economic climate? What skills are successful business people exercising to maintain productivity, faced with increased competition, fluctuating markets and rapid advancements in technology? How do we prepare the workforce to meet these challenges and help them, individually and collectively, to realise their potential to be creative and innovative, using foresight and informed risk-taking?

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