Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Some photographs of sheep, and a lamb being born this Easter on the Borders

This Easter I spent a few days on the Borders on an Estate by the river Tweed (where I am currently commissioned to photograph "a year in the life of the Estate", which will be collated into a 400 page book, laid out and designed by myself and printed by to be given to the owners children and all the staff on the estate in due course) and took these "Easter" pictures of sheep walking towards us having seen our Landrover and thought - food!.
I also was privileged to see a lamb being born in a different part of the farm, a few minutes after its brother or sister? had arrived on this earth!
It is amazing to see the transformation from an apparently inanimate lump to a living breathing individual of a lamb with its own personality and relationships, developing all in a matter of minutes. The sequence of photographs ends with the shepherd and his two trusty dogs bidding farewell and driving off to yet another birth.
 I photographed the lot with my trusty Leica M8.

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