Monday, July 10, 2006

I have just photographed Mikie Usher, one of the best in the world at football tricks aka "Dizzyskills". You can see more photos in my slideshow.
Mikie has
starred in many multi-million pound commercials, and award winning TV shows!!.

Recent freestyle assignments:
* Lucozade TV commercial: With Steven Gerrard doing tricks/skills
* Nike TV commercial: with Thierry Henry, and all Manchester United Sponsored players.
* Vodafone TV commercials (4 different Commercials): (Doing ball skills)
* Barclays Bank Magazine freestyling/modeling
* Nike Soccer ad campaigns
* The O.C. sponsor commercial
* Hollioaks sponsor commercial

* Curry's Store Promotion corporate video (acting & ball skills)
* Prince of Wales Urban Music Trust awards: Doing ball skills in front of the Prince of Wales, Jay-Z and Beyonce. Just to name a few.
* Pringles Dream Team ad feat: Roberto Carlos, Freddy Ljungberg, Robbie Keane, Steven Gerrard plus more!!. Had to do tricks in commercial (with a Pringles can) for Steven Gerrard.
* Nike ball skills modelling.
* Match of the Day commercial
* ITV best ever ads: TV program featured with Philip Schofield. Celebrating 50 years of the UK TV Channel. (acting & ball skills)
* Only Fools & Horses Spin-off called The Green, Green, Grass. Was casted for an acting and ball skills part.
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posted by stefan lubo at Monday, July 10, 2006


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