Friday, October 02, 2009

A street with no cars

The council decided to re-lay the asphalt in Marville Road in Fulham SW6 this week, so the night before, cars were banished from the street which presented such a strange sight, that out came my Leica M8 to chronicle the event.

The following morning the street was eerily quiet and empty.

The following day, the old tarmac was gone, stripped away.

This next shot begs the question "did something really nasty happen here?? - nah!"

A day later the new asphalt was down, awaiting white lining.

By the evening children played in the empty street.

Today the lines were painted back and await the return of the cars and normality!

The new road is strangely beautiful at night

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posted by stefan lubo at Friday, October 02, 2009


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Love that photo of the children playing in the street. The light is just stunning. Glad I stumbled upon your blog :)

4:31 am  

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